(Previous version from March 2020
and older ones are still available...)

The Judgement Day text

(Solar Cycle 25 Started on Remarkable Times)

(2020-02-02 .. 2020-12-23 by P.A.Semi - πα½ )
Preliminary version of my SC25 text is available...
(Due to large amount of solar graphics it is available only in PDF format, unlike initial version...)

Version SC25_v210120z8b.pdf (md5 bd33ae87ea508df069b57afb462f4294) (from 2021-01-20, signed and timestamped 2021-01-20 22:49 UTC...)

Previous versions:

Version SC25_v201123z7.pdf (md5 b96ba73e667795c105576b4a7036831e) (from 2020-11-23, signed and timestamped 2020-12-21 11:12 UTC - it's a pity I didn't timestamp this version immediatelly...)

Version SC25_v201103z6.pdf (md5 969c210544d8c995a87113d22c18de65) (...)
Version SC25_v201030z2b.pdf (md5 7614566157fcc2be64090d94fed928e0) (signed and timestamped 2020-10-30 14:14 UTC)

Version SC25_v200705y3.pdf (md5 9477d4651229817bca2b2dbb1d92c41a) (signed and timestamped 2020-07-06 14:06 UTC)
Version SC25_v200624x3c.pdf (md5 1a1598931b95554ec3f2f9730b53f6f3) (signed and timestamped 2020-06-24 14:33 UTC)
Version SC25_v200531s3d_m4b.pdf (md5 527bb1af921a321d9c53eaff50f7c180) (signed and timestamped 2020-06-01 19:13 UTC)

The SUN votes for Trump (2020-10-27, 2020-11-12, 2020-12-21, 2020-12-22, ...)
(version 201222a2 signed and time-stamped 2020-12-25 13:34)

Just before US elections, there has been a huge sunspot region displaying twice Trump in both positive and negative fields, and then after some time there shortly blinked wrong sunspot with Luciferian eye at the top and bent letters JB at the bottom...
I've tried various news outlets since 2020-10-31 to publish this in time before the election, but almost none helped me, beside RumorMillNews - thank you, but it has got not enough impact... (I had to wait 4 days, before the JB sunspot get's into scientific archives, so that they do not delete it... Then it was probably too late before the Elections...)

Then when I noticed, that about Trump writes Revelation 11, I've sent Three and half letters to Trump to encourage him in his fight and to vindicate the expected mess, that it will cause...

Biden, A Baddon the Apollyon, has been crowned by the Fraud and Theft of USA by enemies both Foreign and Domestic, but no one relevant did anything with it...
There have been multiple inscriptions by the God on the Sun about this mess, the text Trump_2020 is being continously updated with them...

There has been twice the map of Czechia on Sun (PDF) (2020-12-09), with some marvelous inscriptions...
(původní znění v češtině: Česko na Slunci (PDF), (2020-12-07..08))

Viz též stručný text O nápisech na Slunci v češtině...

(Just an artistic concept...)