πα½ 2020-01-24

This is my reply to your preface to my "Misdirection" article:

I almost missed it, since you didn't bother to include my name
and it was not linked to the article of Anna von Reitz that
it was disputing...
(My fault, I could have stated it more clearly...)
(Are you afraid of including My name with the article?)

> I don't think Anna's been talking about the HR Empire,
> just the Pope and the Curia and the Vatican.

Anna is talking about "Holy Roman Empire", read her text to which
I was replying:

The last paragraph:
> The Pope and his administration, including the Holy Roman Empire
> and the City of Rome, is responsible for returning our property to us
> unharmed; the Queen and her Government is similarly obligated,
> as is the Government of Westminster and the Lord Mayor of London. 

It was also a reaction to her previous article
> Anna Von Reitz: "Killing the Beast -- Notice How They Did It"
where she made claims about "Holy Roman Empire" also...

You may also see the attachment, where I've been disputing with AvR
by email about this issue...
(That is not to be published, it's private communication...)

"Holy Roman Empire" was dissolved 1806 by Napoleon and does not exist.

Anna von Reitz claims, that Cardinals are wearing insignia of HRE until
today and that there is some secret "Holy Roman Empire" ruling over it all.

I claim, that it's "Ecclesia" and not "Empire" on their signet rings...

> Your declaring that the USA "is not a corporation" requires proof,
> but since it's a negative it's not possible to prove.

I've read parts of the reply article linked from 164380...
It's an opinion, and an interesting Theory...
Is it really applied in Courts?
Because otherwise it is nothing but a Theory...
(Well, in this I'm not so much sure...)

> I think the idea that illiterates can deal with capital letters
> but not lower case ones is mistaken ...

I've seen this multiple times...

Many of the Blacks are said to can't read lowercase,
or they can't read hand-written cursive...
(But I can't find it at this moment, since it's "racist" to admit that...)

This is also, why some parts of "license agreements", which exclude
liability, are in all upper-case - to preclude someone claiming he could
not read it because of lower-case letters...

This is also, why many of the tweets and videos of or for blacks use
uppercase letters...

But you cannot say it openly, because you would be accused of "racism"...

How is it possible, that in USA there are 14% illiterate people?
In my country it's less than 1%...
(But almost no blacks live here...)

> "Jews, who actually rule the world" is another declaration in need of
> proof and not an argument against what Anna's saying. 

Who stole American Elections:
https://www.realjewnews.com/?p=1472 - The Huge Democrat Party Coup 
by Brother Nathanael, with commented snippets of other videos...

ADL requested blocking of Trump's Twitter account 2021-01-08 and boasted
of their succeeding with this:
(see my attached collage to this email with their tweets about this,
and notice the dates also while you freshly remember, when was Trump
banned on 2021-01-09, etc...)

ADL also requested blocking many Youtube and Twitter accounts of Right
people and succeeded with most...
They are behind most of Youtube and Twitter censorship...

> ... The move comes just days after the Anti-Defamation League released
> what some have called a "hit list" calling for 30 Christian and right-wing
> channels to be banned for "anti-Semitism."

(That's in case you doubted, why Youtube and Twitter bans Right people...
While you cannot prove Google obeys ADL, but you can see, that all or almost
all the ADL published on their "hit list" were actually blocked
sooner or later...)

AIPAC - their own 1-minute video:

About jews ruling the World, you may read excellent History serie:
It has been collected from Oriental Review articles by Nikolay Starikov,
a Russian historian, who is some anti-Putin opposition in Russia...

About 911 being planned and performed by Jews:

On "Shmitah" every seven years in September they perpetrate some
wrong-doing, and Tarot cards are a key to this...
It matches on four or five other historical events, including murdering
Tzar, raising of Hitler, bombing Hiroshima, and others...
(you need to be able to read hebrew to understand the connections,
like the "Chariot" card has written "Governor German" on belt,
and the "Tamed Lion" on "Strength" card has written "Nippon" on feet)

and on September 2001 there is a "Tower" card with "N'w 'ork" title...
On September 2008 there was "pouring out L.Brothers",
on September 2015 at peak of Migrant Crisis in Europe
there was "send brown dogs "G" goyim to anger white dogs "A" Europe"
On September 2022 they plan introducing their false "King Messiah"
(which is supported by their breeding of "Red Cow" on September 2018,
which must be "three or four years old" when it will be sacrificed
by their new King Messiah, which will then start the Noahide Laws...)
and on September 2029 there is "putting white people to graves"

You may also see this:

You may also see this:
Ron Unz is excellent American historian and archiver, but the articles
are somehow longer than usual...

Maybe you don't know, but most of Western Depravity comes from jews,
from Jacob Frank and neo-Marxism, including Transgender movement,
and Feminism, and support of various "Minorities", because jews
feel more secure in highly divided nation, where they are not the
only "minority"...
Hœllywood scraping human feelings, and Porn Industry spoiling morals...

And as Anna von Reitz or others claim, all is ruled from London City...
Who is "London City" ? It's the jewish bankers, Rothschilds foremost...

And it IS an argument against all those who claim, that Vatican is behind
the World's wrong-doing...
It's the Jews, not Vatican...
(More exactly, it's the "Judaism", the most despicable and false
supremacism, claiming that all others are sub-humans, and then treating
them such...)

> need of proving is whether they're all colluding on some secret hidden
> agenda

Noahide law! :
(This is most gravest of all! Death penalty to all Christians and
Materialists, only waiting for their "King Messiah" to come...
It's planned this or next September to start... Read there, who all
supports that...)

see chapter 56b on bottom of page 252 in pdf
(attached to email is version, where I've highlighted it on pg. 251..263)


My own research:
http://pialpha.cz/WPoHC.pdf  (Wider Perspective of Holocaust Cult)
see Chapter 9 on pg. 8 and 9 - "Noahides, Crown of all Jewish Lies"

This should have been a bomb-shell, killing the "Holocaust" hoax,
the previous ones and the planned one too...
(among else it explains real origin of that 6-million figure...)

But Covid came, and Americans obsessed with their Elections and Campaign,
and so it's just waiting, when there will be more suitable times...

This text is also interesting, that in Chapter 10 on bottom of pg.10
written on 2019-12-19 I predicted, that they will use an Epidemy
and a fake Vaccination to exterminate us...
(I just didn't know it will happen so soon...)

Precisely at the time of writing that chapter (one hour later),
in India a Christian Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj received a prophecy
about Covid-19, and also about another epidemy in 2021:

Where he said that next Epidemy in 2021 would "sting like a hornet"...

I suppose, that it's the Vaccination, that stings like a hornet...


> Yes, we're aware of textual statements written long ago that disparage
> "the goyim", etc. 
Are you not aware, how jewish rabbis peddle this until today?
Should I gather more evidence ?

I thought you excluded at RMN the "jewish perspective" of all these
wrong-doings including Election Fraud and Covid-Vax out of your
scare of jews and their slandering, and not because of ignorance...

Best regards
and God bless you

                            P.A.Semi - πα½

----- Original message -----

I don't think Anna's been talking about the HR Empire, just the Pope and the Curia and the Vatican. 
Your declaring that the USA "is not a corporation" requires proof, but since it's a negative
it's not possible to prove. I think the idea that illiterates can deal with capital letters
but not lower case ones is mistaken. "Jews, who actually rule the world" is another declaration
in need of proof and not an argument against what Anna's saying. 

Yes, we're well aware that folks with Jewish names are in high places in political
and media circles, etc. But the issue in need of proving is whether they're all
colluding on some secret hidden agenda. Yes, we're aware of textual statements 
written long ago that disparage "the goyim", etc. 
We're also aware of some Biblical statements that, if read out of context (e.g., Leviticus).
seem cruel and self-condemning in today's thinking. 

Reader P. writes 



I really dislike lying... 

The Holy Roman Empire was terminated 1806 by Napoleon. 
It effectively ended at last 1918 by dissolution of Hapsburg Empire of Austria-Hungary... 

USA is not a Corporation as AvR repeatedly claims... 

The uppercase names are not for corporations either, they are used because 14% of Americans
is illiterate and they can't read lowercase letters. 

Popes are not "slave owners". In the non-legal but factual sense, the Monopolistic Capitalists 
are starting to be feudal-like slave owners... And Talmud encourages or promises slavery of goyim, 
and unlike other Medieval codes, this one was not retracted or amended yet... 

Most of other claims of Anna von Reitz are similarly insane... 

That, what she claims about "Roman Civil Law" and cheating, is rather actually true about 
Talmudic Law... 

If you see someone blaming Vatican, or China, or British, with not a single word about Jews, 
who actually rule the world through their puppets, by this you recognize a typical pro-jewish 
MISDIRECTION, which is their chief tactic of blaming others for what they do... 

»By way of Deception you shall make War.« as on a logo of Mossad, as partially incorrectly 
translated from Proverbs 24:6, but this is how they themselves understand that, 
as among else witnessed by the title of a book by a former Mossad agent Ostrovsky... 
(Otherwise the word תחבלה H8458 "Deception" in that sentence is pretended 
to mean "wise counsel", but actually it means "something bound by the rope", 
figuratively "perverting, destruction, corruption" 
from חבל H2254 "to bind, pledge, fig. pervert, destroy, deal corruptly"...) 

I don't even expect you would publish this, since the Truth is usually censored... 

To recognize who rules over you, see who you are not allowed to criticize 
(approximate citation of Voltaire)