Post by P.A.Semi » 2020-10-27 16:48 CEST

Sun votes for Trump

Just four days after Trump's North Carolina rally, where he admitted, that we need a Help from Above, and where he publicly confessed, that Jesus Christ is the most famous person in the World and "it's not even close", there came a reply from the God or Jesus Christ at the Sun itself...

The biggest sunspot this year so far displayed between 2020-10-20 and 24 both in positive and negative field letters TRUMP :

It's not much readable, comparable to an artistic street graffiti, but it's there...
Not as readable, as there was written in August, the day after the Feast of the Ascension, there was a cross-shaped Sunspot, that transmogrified into Hebrew word Jesus or Christians, and then to English letters STAND UP :