Divine Countdown

What may mean the Countdown, that the LORD God displays on the Sun?

On a same place on the Sun there have been displayed digits recently, counting down 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2 ..., one digit in 27.3 days on each rotation of the Sun... First the digits were hardly discernable, but the recent ones were huge and rather hard to miss...

There has been a Smiley face displayed last year on the Sun, about which also NASA tweeted as a curiosity, while they've missed there has been literally written SMILEY above it. It occured the day when Elon Musk bought Twitter, and was followed few days later with a Twitter bird, with "Twitter" written above it and "Cult" below... Since this Smiley the Countdown started, followed by hardly discernable 9 a month later, and followed by well defined digits each following month, until 2 recently on June 2nd 2023... If the Countdown continues, the 1 will be there on St. Peter 2023-06-29 afternoon, and 0 will be there on St. Anne and Joachim 2023-07-26 around midnight or on feast of Seven Sleepers of Ephesus on 2023-07-27, and -1 could be there on 2023-08-23 at 6am UTC, on Black Ribbon Day, which is "European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism" ...

Meanwhile, the NATO fascists seem to be planning to start the Armageddon by attacking Rossiya this June, shortly before 1 passes in the Countdown, which would mean, that the Countdown runs to 0 a month into the next World War, counting the End of this Civilization and the Judgement Day...?

While it may also be more mundane, that the Countdown runs to -1, when a few days later (similar distance as when the Twitter bird followed the Smiley on the Sun) the Evil Union plans to start enforcing their Diabolic Stalinist DSA act, a Digital Censorship to gag all Truth online, marking the End of the "Twitter Bird" and all remnants of our Freedom of Speech...?

What do we collectively deserve ? (We deserve that, about which we do nothing to prevent it... Your Ignorance brings Strength only to your Adversaries...)

(Carrington longitude 155 showing countdown, top row Smiley,9?,8, next row 7,6,5, last row 4,3,2)

πα½ 2023-06-13